When can I enroll? When do your sessions start?
Our regular schedule runs like the school year September through May. We have ongoing registration for this session until January 15th in any classes that remain open. After that date, we encourage new customers to come try out our amazing summer programs!

Do you allow free trial classes?
We welcome and encourage you to come and try a class for free during our specified trial class weeks (Sept 26-Oct 1, Oct 31-Nov 5, and Jan 2-7)! Leave us a message at 719.445.9497 or email us at turningpointeoffice@gmail.com  and let us know what class you’d like to come and try (class must be an open class…trial classes may not be scheduled in a closed or full class). We feel like this is a great way for you to get a feel for the studio, meet the teacher, and see what a great experience your dancer will have with us! Because our summer session is modified and only a 7 week session, we do not have trial classes during our summer session unless you want to pay the drop in rate.

When are you open? Can I just drop by?
Our facility is open when our classes are going on, so make sure you check the class schedule before you drop by. Jenner VanHorn, our school administrator, will have office hours Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 9:30-11:30am//Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 4-6pm//Wednesdays 1-3pm and teachers are available in between classes to briefly answer questions. It is best to call or email if you have questions regarding enrollment, tuition, or policies. We return calls Mondays and Thursdays and also promptly returns emails.

What are your observation policies?
We do have viewing windows and the curtains to the viewing windows are open or closed at the teacher’s discretion. In our years of experience (with younger students in particular), we can really maximize our time and keep their focus when distractions are limited…good practice for preschool! If there is a situation where a grandparent is visiting from out of town or a family member specifically came to see your dancer, just let the teacher know and we will make sure they get to see a portion of the class. We do want you to see what they are learning and usually open the curtains for part of the class time. We also have dedicated Observation Weeks in the fall and spring when the curtains are open the entire class time. We also do an in-studio Christmas program for parents/families in December during the dancer’s class time.

How do I figure out tuition?
To make dance affordable, we do ”family tuition” which is different than most studios in town. Looking at the tuition scale, you need to figure out how many classes your dancer(s) will be taking each week and that determines what you will pay per month. Here are a few examples: 1 dancer taking 1 class a week=$46 per month, 2 dancers taking 1 class each a week= $78 total per month, 1 dancer taking 2 classes per week= $78 total per month, 3 dancers taking 1 class each a week= $104 total per month. The exception would be the Training Division. This is an upper level program and has separate tuition which is $135 per month for 4 classes per week.

Are there any additional costs during the year?
Yes. We have a formal recital in mid-May each year and there are additional costs if you choose to participate in this event. The recital is optional, but most families choose to participate because it is such a highlight for the dancers and such a positive and fun memory for all. The additional costs would be a Costume Fee (due in December) that runs between $45-60 (dancers keep the costumes). There is also a Recital/Production Fee that helps cover the cost of the facility rental, programs, lighting/sounds techs, and includes tickets to the recital. The cost is $35 for first dancer and $30 for each additional dancer and is due at the end of March.

If my child misses a class or if there is a snow day, do you allow make-ups?
Yes! You can make up at any age appropriate class at any time. No appointment is necessary, just let the teacher know when you come that your dancer is making up a class that they missed!

How do we know if classes are cancelled due to weather?
There are times when we do cancel classes when D-20 does, and there are other times that the roads are clear by the afternoon and we have classes even if school is cancelled. If weather is questionable, you can check the home page for info and there will also be a recorded message at 719.445.9497.



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