My three daughters never will go anywhere but Turning Pointe!

We’ve been with Turning Pointe since their inception about eight years ago and there are so many aspects we appreciate about the studio.  As a previous reviewer, Brenda, mentioned, the emphasis is on God as the dancers are encouraged to dance for Him and memorize a verse each month.  The instructors are top-notch, very well versed in dance methods and physiology.  Compared to other studios in town, Turning Pointe has affordable tuition and recital fees.  And speaking of recitals, Turning Pointe’s recitals are very professionally executed and the dancers (both girls and boys), wear modest costumes that are affordable and look good.  Now that my two older daughters are teens, I appreciate how the instructors work with  them on the finer points of dance and how there is no “gotta be thin” culture at Turning Pointe (although they do emphasize health and fitness) that might nudge these beautiful teens towards eating disorders.  Also, the studio offers two dance “tracks” for teens.  A teenager can dance either seriously or recreationally, so that Turning Pointe can fit teens’ busy lives.  Oh, and when I accidentally overpaid this year, the studio owner, Tina C, let me know and asked me what I’d have her do with the overage. All in all, this is a terrific studio. Kelly B


Kelly B

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