Tuition and Fees


 Family Tuition for Studio Division- 

# Classes Per Week for Family Tuition Payment Per Month
1 class $46.00
2 classes $78.00
3 classes $104.00
4 classes $127.00
5 classes $148.00
6 classes $166.00
7 classes $183.00
8 classes $198.00

*Each add’l class over 8 classes= $15 per student per class per month
*For classes that are over an hour (ie Ballet 4 and 5), please add $5 per month per student to tuition total (does not apply for Training classes)

Drop In Rate= $15/class
Punchcards (adult only)= $50 for 4 classes, $95 for 8 classes
Solo/Semi Solo Ballroom Lessons Available= $30 for 30 min, $45 for 45 min, $60 for 60 min

Tuition for Training Division
3 ballet classes/week+ 1 elective= $135/month
Additional electives add $15

Payment: If you would like to pay for the entire dance year (9 months) instead of monthly, there will be a 10% discount (payment is due by Sept 15th)- this is non-refundable. Tuition is based on the total number of classes your family takes per week. Please note tuition for Training Division is separate from Studio Division. Tuition is due the first dancing day of each month. If tuition is not received by the 10th, a $10.00 late fee will be assessed. Tuition will not be adjusted based on the length of the month, absenteeism, school closures, vacations, holidays, or inclement weather. 10% active military discount (tuition only).

Notes Regarding Fees:

*Registration fee is non-refundable- NO EXCEPTIONS. Payment and electronic registration must be submitted to reserve your space. All registrants will acknowledge the studio rules and agreement electronically.  Please note that not paying the fee does not constitute a withdrawal. Please see our withdrawal policies below.

Note: if you are a new student during our summer session, but this is your first time signing up for our school year session, you will be charged the new student fee since it will be your first time to pay registration (no registration fees during summer session)

**Costume Note: Costume fees are approximate and are subject to change.

***Recital Note: Students are assumed to be performing in end-of-year recital unless they have opted out in writing. Students who wish to opt out must do so for all of their classes

Fee Amount Due
Registration $15/Returning student
$25/Returning family
$20/New student
$35 New family
At the time of registration
Costume Range from $45-$70 per costume $25 deposit per dancer due October 31st
Remaining balance due December 17th
Recital/Production $35 for first student and $30 for each add’l student March 31st

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